It is a competitive world where every business needs an advantage. The Academy for Advanced Leadership Training is a leadership-coaching consultancy that delivers expertise on business growth and streamlining strategies in addition to performing extensive leadership training. As accomplished business experts and certified behavior analysts the Academy provides a unique perspective based on business acumen and employee behavior and personality types when performing extensive leadership and team building activities. The Academy assesses business needs alongside the personality strengths and weaknesses of key personnel then aligns them in driving core objectives for maximum business impact.
The Academy provides companies a unique competitive advantage centered around identifying top performers, inspiring them to advance their organizations, while retaining them to drive core business objectives. Utilizing advanced behavior analytic strategies the Academy focuses its efforts on our customer’s most valuable asset, their people.
Regardless of organizational type your employees drive your business and where there is unity there is success. The Academy focuses on identifying, inspiring, and retaining the right people based on the culture (environment) unique to every organization. Through leadership development techniques, executive management consulting or coaching, alongside contract senior management services, the Academy can assist any organization in developing their leadership alongside advance team building in driving growth to the next level.

“While working with Brad it was evident he had exceptional strengths in senior management, global business development through strategic partnerships, and technology development with scaled implementation. Without hesitation I would recommend Brad as a senior executive and leadership coach. His leadership, experience, and capabilities will be a valuable addition to any organization.”
– Chuck Wallace Jr., Co-Founder
As an Esurance Co-Founder Chuck held multiple senior executive positions with concentration on leading the development and execution of Esurance’s business strategy and operations. He raised $40M in Series A and Series B financings from leading venture capital investors including Trinity Ventures, Palo Alto Ventures, Redpoint Ventures and Global Retail Partners. Esurance grew to a multi-billion dollar pioneer of online insurance and was acquired by White Mountain Insurance Group and then by Allstate Insurance.
  • Leadership Development & Training

    Critical to success. Enhance your skills and increase employee commitment through learning and development.

  • Executive Management Consulting

    Learn and develop insightful strategies and techniques to maximize connections with people.

  • Intense Business Analysis & Operational Streamlining

    Identify business needs to determine solutions that deliver valuable growth improvements for better efficiency.

  • Senior Management Contract Services

    Senior level leadership and management services providing support and development experience for your team and business.