Amber Thorne-Hamilton Ph.D.
Dr. Thorne-Hamilton serves the Academy in the role as Consultant/Coach assisting companies in streamlining operational methodologies alongside the development and advancement of complex business models. She also is an expert in behavior analysis and leadership development.

Previously, Amber served as VP of Product Development for Ingelix, Inc. but remains as a consultant/advisor. She served to oversee the development of the dynamically changing algorithm unique to every Ingelix customer. This constantly changing algorithm monitors the ever-changing personnel needs of an organization and adjusts the necessary staffing needs before the organization realizes the need. This process is at the core of the proven candidate hiring and employee retention analytics generated by the Ingelix technology platform. Amber still focuses her attention on extensive product development of the proprietary algorithm that becomes part of each customer’s unique environment that identifies their culture whereas all job applicants and employees are matched.

Prior to joining Ingelix Amber served as CEO of an academy serving behaviorally challenged youths in Columbus, Ohio. She also served as a professor of entrepreneurship as well as a business coach whereas she assisted in the development and advancement of complex business models. She has extensive expertise and background in statistical and behavior analysis. Amber completed her doctorate work at Kent State University and is an avid runner and fitness guru. She currently resides with her husband in Lake Norman, NC.

“Amber is an exceptional consultant. She was able to help us define our business objectives, create sample spreadsheets with several 'what if' scenarios and assisted us with creating our budget that included the start up funds that we would need to obtain in order to expand our non-profit business. Her analysis was extremely accurate - her reports ended up within just a few percent of what was required to open. She also helped us obtain funding via grants. In addition to providing outstanding professional services, she also was a genuine pleasure to work with. If you are looking for non-profit consulting services, you will not find anyone better!!&rquo;
– Mark Mirrotto, Network Architect at Presidio Networked Solutions

“I had the opportunity to collaborate with Amber as she transitioned into her leadership role at Excel Academy. She demonstrated exceptional poise and presence in the midst of challenge and conflict, and she proved to be an agile decision-maker, communicator and influencer while rapidly addressing many complex issues. Excel Academy has an outstanding cadre of teachers and leaders, and provides a distinctive educational service to many Mid-Ohio communities.”
– Richard Toronto, OD/Talent Management Leader at AEP